Presentation Guidelines


Oral Presentations

Oral presenters will have 15 minutes to present, followed by 4 minutes of question and answer, and 1 minute for speaker change. The timing will be strict, and session chairs will be requested to stop speakers exceeding the 15-minute presentation slot. Presenters should introduce themselves to the session chairs during the break before the start of their oral session.


Presentation in Special Sessions

The format of special sessions may vary. Presenters in these sessions will receive a special information from their respective special session chairs.


Speaker Check-In

Location: Regency AB, Street Level, Hyatt Regency San Francisco


Speakers are required to use the computers provided by the conference for their oral presentations. Personal laptops may not be used. The conference has arranged for PC laptops equipped with the following:

  • Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Adobe Reader
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • VLC for video and sound files


PowerPoint or Adobe PDF are the accepted presentation formats. Multi-media sound or video files to be presented with slides must be provided at speaker check-in with clear instruction on slide number where file should be played.


Aspect ratio of projectors will be 4:3.


Presentations must be submitted on a USB stick at the Speaker Check-In Desk during the designated hours to ensure your talk is accompanied by slides


Presentation Date Presentation Due to Speaker Check-In
Friday, 9 September Thursday, 8 September 07:30 - 17:00
Saturday, 10 September Friday, 9 September 07:30 - 17:00
Sunday, 11 September Saturday, 10 September 07:30 - 17:00
Monday, 12 September Sunday, 11 September 07:30 - 17:00



  • Please arrive to your presentation room 10 minutes prior to the session start time to familiarize yourself with the combination laser pointer/slide advancing remote, and stage set-up.
  • Please sit towards the front of the room in the session in which you present, a tent card will mark these reserved seats.
  • The Session Chair will introduce your presentation as well as monitor the length of the presentation. All mobile phones must be turned off while you are presenting. Mobile phones on silent will cause feedback with the microphones. A laser pointer and slide advancer will be available at the podium for your use.
  • Please note below the presentation time and how the speaker timer works:




  Green = Talk Time Yellow = Q&A Red Flash = End Talk
Oral Abstract 15 minutes 4 minutes Light Flashes (End Presentation)





Poster Presentation Requirements

  • Poster presentation space is limited to the dimensions of length 92” x height 44” (length 234 cm x height 112 cm). Material to affix your poster to the poster board will be available on site.
  • Presenters are advised to mount their posters 15 minutes before the start of the session, and remove it after the end of the session. Posters have to be removed after the end of the session. Conference organizers will not be responsible for the posters left after the removal time.
  • At least one of the authors must be present at your poster during the presentation session designated for the poster topic.


Suggested Poster Format

  • Posters should be easily read at a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters).
  • A poster printed on one large sheet of matte or semi-gloss paper is encouraged.
  • Include the title of the presentation in large letters, the authors' names, and the institution(s) where the work was completed at the top center of the poster.
  • Avoid paragraph format, provide information in distinct clear and short bullet points.
  • Poster numbers will be provided onsite. Poster numbers will be placed above your poster; you do not need to leave room on your poster for your poster number.
  • Introduction and Summary/Conclusions sections are advised.
  • Double space lines of text.
  • Only text, graphs, photographs, and artwork may be placed on the poster board.


Components and Design of the Poster

The heading comprises of a title for the research project, author names, and author affiliations (including city and country). Headings have more impact in a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial.


Title (no smaller than 72 points, preferably in a sans serif font)

Author names (no smaller than 36 points, preferably in a sans serif font)

Affiliations (no smaller than 26 points, preferably in a sans serif font)

Abstract: The abstract summarizes the main results succinctly.

Body: The body text of the poster will describe background, methodology, results, and interpretation. Body text should be no smaller than 16 points and preferably in a sans-serif font such as Helvetica or Arial.

Graphics: The graphics are essential for an effective poster. Include captions below each graphic. Captions for graphics should be no smaller than 14 points and preferably in a sans-serif font. Graphics should be understandable without recourse to a detailed text caption.

Conclusions: Conclusions should be clear and succinct and provide "take home" messages.